"eat better, feel better"

Stock your deli, sandwich & party with sandwi fillers:

All our fillers are made with the best local ingredients where possible

Sandwi chicken:

Classic chicken mayo {h}(m)

Roasted Cajun chicken {h}(m)

Roasted chicken tikka {h}(m)

Peri Peri chicken {h}(m)

Roasted smoked BBQ chicken {h}(m)

Mediterranean Moroccan chicken tagine {h}(m)

Aioli Spanish chicken {h}(m)


Thai chicken curry{h}(m)

Green pesto chicken {h}(m)

Basil & red pesto chicken {h}(m)

Southern fried chicken strips (m)

Roasted maple syrup & chilli chicken{h}(m)

Jerk chicken {h}(m)

Grilled chicken lemon & oregano {h}(m)

Mexican fajita chicken {h}(m)

Mustard & honey chicken {h}(m)

Sandwi chicken caesar {h}(m)

Teriyaki chicken {h}(m)

Aromatic coronation chicken {h}(m)

Smoked chicken, chilli & orange {h}(m)

Sandwi all other meat & poultry :

Slow cooked beef in ale (m)

Roasted sweet& spice lamb (m)

Herby beef meatballs(m)

Pork & apple meatballs (m)

Roasted teriyaki duck (m)

Mediterranean mixed grill (lamb, beef, chicken strips)(m)

Curried pork loin schnitzel (m)

Smoked paprika chicken schnitzel (h)(m)

Classic chicken schnitzel (h)(m)

Southern fried chicken schnitzel (m)


Turkey & dried cranberry schnitzel (m)

Marinaded grilled chicken (h)(m)

Traditional salt beef (m)

Peppery roasted beef (m)

maple syrup pastrami(m)

Aromatic pulled pork (m)


Sandwi fish:

Tuna mayo (f)

Mediterranean tuna (black olives, basil, sundried tomato paste, garlic}(f)

Moroccan spiced tuna (f)

Tuna mayo, sweetcorn, dill(f)

Smoked paprika prawns(f)

Smoked marie rose prawns (f)

Peri peri prawns (f)

Lemon mayo & chives crayfish (f)


Roasted peppery salmon (f)

Honey & chilli roasted salmon(f)

Roasted salmon flakes with horseradish, mustard & chervil (f)

Lemon crab mayo (f)

Thai style crab (f)

Smoked mackerel pate (f)

Smoked mackerel flakes, parsley ,lemon & smoked paprika (f)

Sandwi vegetarian:

Roasted mixed peppers (v)(vg)(g)

Roasted vegetable (mix)(v)(vg)(g)

Grilled aubergine (v)(vg)(g)

Roasted sweet potato with smoked paprika (v)(vg)(g)

Roasted sweet potato with herb & garlic (v)(vg)(g)

Roasted potato salad with mayo (v)

Boiled new potatoes with garlic& herb (v)(vg)(g)

Roasted Tunisian salad (aubergine, peppers, onion, garlic, chilli, plum tomato)(v)(vg)(g)

Chickpea salad with green herbs (v)(vg)(g)

Cos-cos salad with spices & roasted vegetable (v)

Red rice & lentil salad (v)(vg)


Green quinoa salad (vg) (g)

Healthy green tabbouleh salad (v)

Mediterranean spiced carrot salad (v)(vg)(g)

Roasted Thai carrot salad with roasted peanuts (v(p)

Sandwi coleslaw with mayo (free range eggs)(v)

Sandwi coleslaw thai style (v)(vg)(g)

Sweet potato & chilli Spanish tortilla (v)

Classic Spanish tortilla (v)

Green herb Spanish tortilla (v)


Sandwi dairy :

Free range Classic egg mayo (v)(d)

Free range herby egg salad (v)(d)

Free range Mexican egg mayo (d)

Free range mediterranean spice egg mix in tomato sauce (v)(d)

Feta cheese cubes (v)(d)

Feta cheese cubes with green herbs (v)(d)

Grilled halloumi cheese cubes with herbs(v) (d)

Grilled halloumi cheese with sun-blast tomato(v) (d)

Goats cheese balls in herby olive oil(v) (d)

Goats cheese balls with chilli & lemon zest (v) (d)

Sandwi other :

Hummus (v)(gf)(df)

Herby hummus (v)(gf)(df)

Classic tahini sauce (v)(gf)(df)

Green tahini sauce (v)(gf)(df)

Beetroot tahini sauce (v)(gf)(df)

Classic falafel (v)(df)

Thyme falafel (v)(df)


Classic tzatziki (d)

Harissa sauce (v)(df)(gf)

Mediterranean spiced coriander sauce(v)(gf)

Homemade pickle {to discus}(v)(gf)





(v)-veggie,(m)-meat,(f)-fish,(d)-dairy,(g)-gluten free,(vg)-vegan,(df)-dairy free,(h)-halal


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