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Panini's  The range include vegetarian, meat  & fish

Meat Panini's :

Southern fried chicken, hummus, lettuce & sweet chilli sauce (m)

Chicken, bacon, avocado (m)

Ham & cheddar (m)


Mexican BBQ chicken, jalapeños, tomato salsa & cheese(m)(h)

Spanish chorizo, chicken aioli, roasted peppers & cheese(m)

Crispy bacon & emmental cheese, apple chutney  (m)

Turkey, brie & cranberry (m)

Smoked chicken, tomato chutney & brie (m)(h)

Milano salami, sun blushed tomato & mozzarella(m)

Harissa chicken, hummus, aubergine, roasted peppers (m) (h)  

Fish Panini's :

Dolphin friendlytuna & cheddar (f)(h)

Tuscan tuna mix (black olives, parsley, red pesto, sundried tomato) & mozzarella (f)(h)

Dolphin friendly tuna, pesto & cheese (f)(h)

Marinated salmon, lemon zest cream cheese, rocket (f)(h)

Fish fingers, sundried tomato & cheese (f)(h)

Lemon thyme crab, salsa & emmental cheese (f)(h)

Vegetarian Panini's :

Mozzarella, aubergine, tomato, basil (v)(h)

Mozzarella, pesto, roasted vegetable (v)(h) 

Brie, cranberry & stuffing (v)(h)

Vegetarian sausage, hummus, lettuce, sweet chilli(v)(h)

Hummus, harissa, falafel, roasted vegetable (v)(h)

Feta, roasted peppers, black olives, sundried tomato (v)(h)

Tapenade, grilled mushrooms, caramelised onion & cheddar (v)(h)

Goats cheese, pesto, roasted peppers   (v)(h)

Peri peri halloumi, roasted peppers & tomato (v)(h)

Lemon thyme free range egg mayo, avocado & Swiss cheese (v)(h)


Breakfast ciabatta & hot wraps :

Bacon, cheddar & grilled tomato (m)c

Sausage, bacon & grilled tomato (m)w

Free range scrambled egg, bacon & sausage(m)w

Free range scrambled egg, hash brown & baked beans   (v)c(h)

Vegetarian burger, mushrooms & Monterey jack (v)c (h)

Free range egg mayo, grilled tomato & cheese (v) c (h) 


Hot meat ciabatta :

Turkey, apple, tomato chutney & emmental cheese (m)

Southern fried chicken, crispy bacon & crispy tortilla, salsa (m)

Roasted beef, horseradish & sun blushed tomato paste, stilton cheese (m)

Salt beef, mayo & wholegrain mustard, piccalilli, cheese (m)    

Spiced meatballs, caramelised onion, Monterey jack cheese (m)  

Roasted ham, honey, bacon, Swiss cheese  (m)


Hot vegetarian flatbread :

Mozzarella, sundried tomato paste, bell peppers & tomato (v)(h)

Halloumi cheese, salsa, roasted vegetables, black olives (v)(h)

Goats cheese, onion chutney, roasted beetroot, bell peppers (v)(h)

Brie, apple, caramelised onion, tomato chutney (v) (h)

Falafel, hummus, sundried tomato paste, bell peppers, tomato (v)(h)

Cajun tofu, avocado, jalapeños, tomato, salsa (v)(h)


The sandwich range :


Meat sandwiches :        

New York pastrami, mayo mustard, gherkins,rocket   (m)(g)

Ham, apple chutney & cheese, salad leaves   (m)(g)

Roasted chicken & red pesto, grilled vegetables, rocket  (m)(g)(h)

Sandwi club (m)(g)

Bacon, lettuce, tomato (m)(g)

Grilled chorizo, free range egg mayo, rocket    (m)(g)

Salt beef, lemon mustard & cheese  (m)(g)

Cajun corned beef, pickle & leerdammer cheese    (m)(g)

Milano salami, mayo tapenade, tomato, rocket, mozzarella   (m)(g)

Coronation chicken, mango chutney, tomato, rocket (m) (g)(h)

Fish sandwiches :

Tuscan tuna (black olives, parsley, red pesto, sundried tomato ) & cucumber (f)(g)(h)

Tuna mayo & sweet corn Provencal (f)(g)(h)

Crayfish, paprika lemon mayo, crispy cucumber, rocket (f)(g)(h)

Roasted salmon & smoked salmon, cream cheese, nori, cress (f) (g) (h)  

Smoked mackerel, lemon mayo, crispy cucumber, salad leaves (f)(g)(h)

Devon crab, lemon thyme coleslaw, rocket (f) (g) (h)

Vegetarian sandwiches :

Hummus, falafel, roasted vegetables, rocket (v)(h)

Free range egg, cress & sun blushed tomato (v)(g)(h)

Mature cheddar, apple chutney, cress (v)(g)(h)

Fresh mozzarella, pesto, tomato, rocket (v)(g)(h)

Smashed chickpeas with avocado, rocket, sun blasted tomato (v)(g)(h)

Red pepper hummus, feta cheese & harissa, chickpeas (v)(g)(h)

Beetroot, cheddar & horseradish, cress (v)(g)(h)

Brie, chilly chutney, apple, rocket    (v)(g)(h)

Mature cheddar ploughman's (v)(g)(h)

Goats cheese & sundried tomato spread, roasted sweet potato, rocket (v)(g)(h)

Gluten free Wrap-7474.jpg

The wraps range :



Meat wraps :

Peri peri chicken, coleslaw, salad leaves (m)(g)(h)

Southern fried chicken, salsa, aioli (m)(g)

Teriyaki duck (m)(g)

Sticky BBQ beef burrito (m)(g)

Greek chicken skewer, Greek salad & tzatziki (m)(g)(H)

Roasted honey ham, mayo & mustard, crispy cucumber, rocket (m)(g)  

Fish wraps:

Classic Marie Rose prawns, crispy cucumber, salad leaves (f)(g)(h)

Mediterranean prawns, cucumbers, rocket, grilled peppers (f)(g)(h)

Roasted salmon & smoked salmon, nori, cream cheese, cress, cucumbers (f)(g)(h)

Marinated lemon & mayo crayfish, cucumbers, rocket, parmesan  (f)(g)(h)

Harisssa mayo & tuna, olives, tomato, rocket (f)(g)(h)

Mexican fish finger, roasted peppers, salads leaves, sour cream (f)(g)(h)

Vegetarian wraps :

Bahji crumble, vegetable curry & spiced mango chutney   (v)(g)(h)

Feta, roasted vegetables, salad leaves (v)(g)(h)

Hummus, falafel, sweet chilli, peppers, salad leaves (v)(h)

Grilled tofu, crispy cabbage & carrot salad, spiced honey & coriander sauce  (ve)(h)(g)

Vegetarian fajita, crispy tortilla chips & lime sour cream (v)(g)(h)

Halloumi, quinoa, salad leaves & tzatziki (v)(g)(h)


Sandwi salads :


Green quinoa with tofu  (vg)(h)

Mediterranean couscous with feta  (v)(h)

Roasted salmon two ways (f)

Chicken Céasar(m)(h)

Mediterranean mixed mini mezza & falafel(v)(h)

Healthy Tuna (f)

Giant Couscous & Grilled Hallumi (v)

Buffalo Mozzarella Caprese

Moroccan Chicken Tagine (m)

Tuscan Style Spiced Beef (m)


*  We pride ourselves on using only British locally sourced ingredients where possible and aim to ensure your upmost satisfaction in the food we create for you.

* Prices available on enquiry


(v) Vegetarian(g) Gluten free(h) Halal   (m) meat(f) fish(vg) Vegan